Support: Release Notes


Release Notes, FlexTerm 2017 (August 30, 2017)

FlexTerm 17.0.1 (August 30, 2017)

  • Fixed an issue in BerthPlanner's update script
  • Fixed an issue that caused CSV/Excel Export not working in Statistics
  • Fixed a wrong QuayCrane stats calculation in Statistics
  • Fixed a wrong QuayCrane stats calculation in Statistics CSV/Excel Export  
  • Fixed multiple wrong Resource stats calculation in Statistics
  • Fixed a wrong GantryCrane state recording behavior
  • Fixed a possible GantryCrane deadlock issue with horizontal transports
  • Fixed an issue that caused a container ship might stay forever when harbor event is used
  • Fixed an issue that caused ship queuing stats not working in Experimenter's PFM
  • Fixed a potential deadlock issue for top-loaders and side-loaders when working gate trucks caused by a wrong coordinated tasksequence setup

Release Notes, FlexTerm 2017 (June 30, 2017)

FlexTerm 17.0.0 Beta (June 30, 2017)

  • Upgraded engine to FlexSim 17.1.2
  • Added Operation Triggers for both QuayCrane and DualTrolleyCrane
  • Added onStateChange Trigger Editor in TruckGang and StradGang
  • Added Custom Hatch Editor in BerthPlanner to edit position for each vessel hatch and Quay Cranes will move to the hatch positions defined
  • Added a checkbox to reverse vessel berthing direction in BerthPlanner
  • Added ContainerTerminal Library in Quick Library which will be activated by double-clicking empty model space
  • Added Yard resource job selection priority strategies for yard resource, and updated Resource Priorities tab in Yard Planner
  • Added Yard Crane states and Yard Crane onStateChange trigger
  • Added sample code to save all global tables for each replication at End of Replication in Experimenter
  • Added sample code to clear saved global tables at Start of Experiment in Experimenter
  • Added new QuayCrane and DualTrolleyCrane 3D models for user to select in Crane Parameters
  • Added a new 3D model for containership
  • Added a set of new gang truck states, such as idle, waiting, serving, and traveling, and are used in onStateChange trigger
  • Added equipment states for Gantry Cranes such as idle, waiting for trucks, digging, and productive
  • Fixed a bug in Gate on Exit statistics
  • Fixed a bug causing dragged WheeledBlock object at wrong position different from the cursor
  • Fixed incorrect truck state when waiting at yard
  • Fixed a bug when setting speedtag in BerthPlanner
  • Fixed improper CAD background scaling in Berth Layout orthographic view in BerthPlanner
  • Fixed a deadlock issue when Quay Crane is working with Straddle Carriers during dual cycle operation
  • Fixed a bug that top loaders and side loaders not set to be idle properly
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when vessel arrives
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when drawing indicators for hatch setup state
  • Fixed other minor issues, such as wrong tooltips
  • Updated and improved StradGang GUI by adding extra tab
  • Updated vessel planar to show custom hatch positions and vessel berthing direction in Hatch Profiles
  • Updated vessel schedule planar to show vessel berthing direction in Ship Schedule
  • Updated Help Manual to include new functionalities and updates
  • Deprecated the following old truck state macros, replaced with new Gang Truck states:

Release Notes, FlexTerm 2.7.1 (Dec. 28, 2016)

FlexTerm 2.7.1 (December 28, 2016)

  • Added ctcommand exportShipServices to export all ship services to a user specified file.
  • Added ctcommand exportShipSchedule to export ship schedule to a user specified file.
  • Added Rotate on NetworkNode checkbox in RTG GUI.
  • Fixed issues of ctcommand newcontainertype and Import Containertype Table in CT Excel import.
  • Fixed an issue of large increase in gatetruck arrivals.
  • Fixed issue of wrong container location on truck when loading with WheeledBlock.
  • Fixed a unit setting issue.
  • Fixed a Railcar well draw issue.
  • Fixed wrong scaled background image size in Berth Planner.
  • Fixed missing setup and waitingPlatform crane states in Statistics.
  • Fixed issue on exporting %working of Cranes incorrectly in Statistics.
  • Fixed Rail Planner Train Schedule GUI issue when having too many train types.
  • Fixed wrong containermovedirect() example in FlexTerm command helper.

FlexTerm 2.7.0 (June 1, 2016)

  • Fixed a few statistics calculation issues for berth, yard resource, and quay cranes when using warmup time.
  • Fixed a bug that causes resource group unable to dispatch idle gantry crane to a specific bay using the API command resourcegroupop().
  • Fixed a bug that causes berth planner to generate incorrect number of weekly records if a ship arrives a time 0.
  • Fixed a bug in truck gang’s default pooling dispatch algorithm that causes truck to load incorrect number of containers during twin load operation.

FlexTerm 2.7 Beta (March 31, 2016)

  1. Upgrade engine to FlexSim 7.7.4
  2. Improvements for RMG sequence APIs
    1. Added a new macro RMG_SEQ_STAT_SET_SEQ_BLOCK for command rssequencestat() to set the block in RMG sequence.
    2. Added a new macro RMG_INSTR_STAT_BLOCK for command rsinstructionstat() to query the block in an instruction.
    3. Added a new macro RMG_INSTR_STAT_LAND_TIME for command rsinstructionstat() to query the land time in an instruction.
    4. Added a new parameter in command rspickupinblock() to be able to set the post delay time for an in-block pickup instruction.
    5. Added a new parameter in command rsdropoffinblock() to be able to set the block where the container is dropped to in an in-block drop off instruction.
    6. Added a new parameter in command rsmove() to be set the block in a move instruction.
    7. Fixed issues of using rspickupinblock() and rsdropoffinblock() to move container between different blocks.
    8. Fixed a bug when copy instructions.
    9. Fixed a bug that may randomly crash the program in the twin RMGs collision avoidance logic.
  3. New features for modeling twin RMGs configuration
    1. Added a default twin RMGs collision avoidance logic.
    2. Added API commands:  twinrmgsaddblockinfo(), twinrmgsclearmovementstrategydata(), twinrmgsinitcollisionavoidanceparameters(), twinrmgsmovementstrategy(), and twinrmgsresetmovementstrategydata().
  4. Improvements for transfer area
    1. Added capability for one transfer area slot to hold one 40’ container, one 20’ container, or two 20’ container for twin lifts.
    2. Fixed a bug that causes wrong location for a strad to drop off containers in a transfer area when it performs twin-20’ discharge operation.
    3. Fixed a bug that causes a deadlock when reserve transfer area slots.
    4. Improved drawing performance for tranfer area slots.
  5. Improvements for straddle carrier
    1. Added the capacity to allow user to modify strad’s spreader lift height.
    2. Added a spreader lift threshold to allow user to control the timing of strad moving before the spreader is fully lifted.
    3. Added the spreader drop percent parameter to split strad’s load/unload time to be two parts: spreader hoisting down time and spreader fine positioning time.
    4. Added the spreader lift speed parameter to control spreader lifting speed.
    5. Added a spreader switch delay to model the scenario when one strad drops off two 20’ containers to different blocks or picks up two 20’ containers from different blocks when it performs twin lifts.
    6. Fixed a bug that causes a gantry crane to grab a container from a strad when the container is still under the strad’s spreader.
    7. Fixed a bug that causes a strad to put a container onto transfer area without hoisting down its spreader.
    8. Fixed a strad kinematics calculation issue that may cause strad acceleration change during model running.
    9. Fixed issues that causes a strad to move without lifting its spreader after it finishes a load or unload task when perform dual transactions.
    10. Fixed issues that cause strads to not align with TA slot properly when a container is picked up from or dropped off to a TA slot.
    11. Fixed a bug in strad’s kinematics calculation that causes a non-repeatable issue.
  6. Improvements for strad gang
    1. Changed the parameter “Maximum Buffer at Quay” to define the number of transfer slots instead of the number of containers.
    2. Added a feature in strad gang to switch if it is working with transfer area or not.
    3. Improved the default dispatching logic to allow strads that are performing twin-lifts to be dispatched to the same or different blocks for discharge or load operations.
    4. Fixed a bug that causes deadlock issue at the ground transfer zone under a quay crane when the crane is performing dual cycling.
    5. Fixed an issue that causes strad gang stop working when performing twin lifts.
  7. New features for ground transfer slots under quay cranes
    1. Added ground transfer points for quay cranes and dual trolley cranes when they are working with strad.
    2. Transfer point can be added and removed.
    3. Transfer point location can be set relative to the crane/’s coordinate space.
  8. API commands
    1. Added a new API command removecontaineridfromlistinorder().
    2. Added a new ctcommand with name "newblock" for creating yard block, wheel block or rail block.
    3. Modified ctcommand with name "newquaycrane" so that it can be used to create both quay crane and dual trolley crane.
  9. GUI updates
    1. Updated GUI for strad gang.
    2. Removed tab “Trolley and Hoist” for quay cranes and dual trolley cranes. Add a tab “Miscellaneous” that contains new ground transfer point editor for quay cranes and dual trolley cranes.
    3. Added GUI for straddle carrier.
  10. Miscellaneous Bug fixings
    1. Fixed an issue of wrong locations and rotations of twin 20’ containers when the containers are under spreader, on the ground or transfer slot.
    2. Fixed a bug in setting a quay crane’s waiting state.
    3. Fixed a bug causing the land time to be 0 when a gantry crane does real digging based on speed.
    4. Fixed a bug in restoring a container in yard blocks when using real digging.
    5. Fixed a bug in a container’s custom attribute that makes proper container placement rule failed to match.
    6. Fixed a repeatability issue when using dual trolley cranes.
    7. Fixed an issue causing wrong initial rotations of gang truck bombcarts.
    8. Fixed an issue causing a gantry crane’s spreader to move to wrong location in transfer area slot when strads perform twin 20’ load operation.
    9. Fixed a model non-repeatable issue caused by quay crane gantry moves.
  11. Others
    1. Improved drawing performance for yard block info icons.
    2. Added update scripts to allow upgrade existing FlexTerm 2 models to FlexTerm 2.7.


There is no upgrader from Flexsim CT 3.x to FlexTerm 1.x. FlexTerm 1.x installs in its own directory.

There is no upgrader from Flexsim CT 2.x to Flexsim CT 3.x. Flexsim CT 3 installs in its own directory, so you can safely install Flexsim CT 3.x on a system concurrently with Flexsim CT 2.x. ie. Flexsim CT 3 can coexist with Flexsim CT 2.

When installing Flexsim CT 3.x, any previous CT 3.x installations will be automatically uninstalled before the new installation proceeds. Only Flexsim program files are affected. This means that any models, libraries, or other personal files located in Flexsim CT directories will be unaffected by the uninstall-reinstall process.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the installer file from the .zip archive to a temporary location. You will get a single .exe file.
  2. To install the program, double click the installation .exe. The installation will begin. Follow the installation instructions. You may need to press the Allow button on Windows 7 and Vista to run the installer.
  3. After installation is complete, double click the FlexTerm icon to start the program.

License Activation

  1. From within Flexsim, go to Help>License Activation. The License Activation window will open.
  2. In the License Activation Window, on the Activate tab, you will need your activation IDs. You can look up your activation IDs at our website: You can only submit one activation ID at a time.
  3. Enter the activation ID and press the "Activate" button to submit each activation ID to the activation server. Wait for a complete response before sending the next ID.
  4. Flexsim should now be fully licensed according to your license type (standard, educational, or runtime) and product.
  5. Call Flexsim Technical Support at (801)-224-6914 with questions or problems, or visit for email support.