Over the years, Moffatt Nichol’s expert professionals have developed numerous spreadsheet and simulation models to calculate and predict, with high confidence, plans and impacts for expansion or new development scenarios. Utilizing FlexTerm, the dynamic simulation modeling tool, Moffatt & Nichol analyzes maritime terminals and intermodal yards to improve efficiencies and reduce capital and operating costs through simulation and visualization. Engineers and managers with Moffatt & Nichol actively use FlexTerm in various planning and design projects to determine and improve terminal capacity, manage bottlenecks, solve work-in-process problems, justify capital expenditures, plan equipment maintenance schedules, and establish proper berth, gate, and rail inflows/outflows. 

Examples of our simulation projects include modeling various configurations and alternatives of the berth, yard, gate, rail, and equipment of a fully-automated container terminal in US west coast, traffic flow and congestion analysis of cross terminal road system of a RTG terminal with 6M+ TEU annual throughput, capacity and operational analysis of a high density high productivity of a fast-growing conventional container terminal, equipment and capacity analysis of a high throughput semi-automated in-land intermodal yard, and optimization and cost analysis of a top US river bulk handling facilities which imports coals through trains and barges and exports with ocean-going vessels. With FlexTerm, Moffatt & Nichol boosts its planning and design capabilities. We now offer our clients an array of simulation services to model terminal layouts, operations, and equipment with higher confidence and lower cost.

Simulation Analysis & Planning

  • Yard stacking strategies
  • Yard layout and dispatching
  • Wheeled vs. grounded operations
  • Gate logistics and capacity
  • Rail logistics and capacity
  • Quay crane allocation
  • Yard crane allocation
  • Hossler gang allocation
  • Ship scheduling
  • Berth assignments
  • Rail scheduling
  • Workload balancing

Simulator Library

Over the years, Moffatt & Nichol's expert professionals have developed numerous spreadsheet and simulation models to calculate and predict, with high confidence.

Auto-Straddle Carriers
Container Ships
Entry/Exit Gates
Grounded Yard Blocks
Intermodal Yard
Ship-to-Shore Cranes
Straddler Carriers
Top Loader
Wheeled Yard Blocks