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Rail Module

The FlexTerm Rail Module was developed to simulate various rail sequences and train processes. It allows for a complete visual representation of custom built rail processes, and is an invaluable tool for communicating complex rail sequences. Describing any rail sequence on paper can take considerable time and effort. With FlexTerm’s Rail Module, you can demonstrate a rail sequence in a matter of minutes with an accurate and detailed 3D animation. Similarly, movement of cargo via intermodal rail— both inbound and outbound—can be modeled to visualize the operation or test potential congestion points in advance to eliminate potential cargo slowdowns.

Intermodal Rail Facilities

Moffatt & Nichol’s FlexTerm Rail & Intermodal Simulation model can be used by project planners and modelers to optimize cargo movement through any type of transportation corridor. For facility planning, FlexTerm technology can be used to model near-dock rail facility operations. Model simulations can verify both the design capacity and the optimal operations configuration to provide guidance for equipment selection and staffing requirements. A sensitivity analysis can examine critical factors, such as bottlenecks, and a multiple-scenario comparison study can help identify the impacts of various operating constraints.

With FlexTerm, Moffatt & Nichol can also perform an analysis using available data and identify the needed improvements by analyzing railroad operations and track layout and provide a simulation modeling analysis of the rail traffic flow. FlexTerm technology can help identify the best alternative for rail improvements to meet projected growth for any client as it determines the capacity of the terminal and identifies any potential bottlenecks of an operation.

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In this era of globalization and innovative project delivery, insightful commercial facility planning and analysis is critical to long-term operational success and profitability.